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On Decisions and Decision Makers

June 18, 2006

Many people feel at the mercy of those around, above, or below them. If only they could change things, if only they could be the decision maker, things would be better.

Becoming a decision maker requires only two things: initiative, and decisiveness. If you make decisions, you are a decision maker. Most people will not question the decisions you make, because they "are not in a place to say anything," not being the decision maker, and all. Eventually, you will work your way into making bigger and more important decisions.

There are two important points to remember if you decide to become a decision maker: Never apologize for making a decision, and never be afraid to change you mind when new information becomes available. The key is to make the best decision possible at any given point, and commit to it wholey, that is, until you realize a better decision. This blend of decisiveness and flexibility will foster respect, innovation, trust, and power.  Too many people get caught not making a decision for fear of making the wrong one.  What they do not realize is that not deciding is a decision, and it creates a default action.  When given the chance, make decisions for yourself, because if you fail to, someone else will, and you'll have given them the power to do it.

Decide to take control in your life.  Realize that every decision is made.  You should make as many of them that affect you and things you care about as you can.